2022-2023 Joint Call
Improved transnational monitoring of biodiversity and ecosystem change for science and society

In September 2022, Biodiversa+ launched its BiodivMon call, seeking proposals for 3-years research projects aimed at improving transnational monitoring of biodiversity and ecosystem change.

This call, co-funded by the European Commission, focused on three (non-exclusive) key themes:

  • Innovation and harmonisation of methods and tools for the collection and management of biodiversity monitoring data.
  • Addressing knowledge gaps related to biodiversity status, dynamics, and trends in order to reverse biodiversity loss.
  • Making effective use of available biodiversity monitoring data.

The call attracted a remarkable response, receiving 262 pre-proposals and 108 eligible full proposals. An independent Evaluation Committee rigorously evaluated these submissions, carefully ranking the projects. Subsequently, adhering strictly to the rankings, the Biodiversa+ Call Steering Committee, composed of all participating funding organisations, selected 33 research projects for funding. This decision represents a substantial financial commitment of over €46 million, including contributions from the European Commission.

These 33 funded projects showcase academic excellence while addressing pressing scientific and societal challenges. They foster collaboration across diverse disciplines and engage a broad spectrum of stakeholders.

BiodivMon brochure
33 funded projects
  • ANTENNA – Making technology work for monitoring pollinators (DE, NL, DK, ES, GR, IE)
  • BIG_PICTURE – Developing data management and analytical tools to integrate and advance professional and citizen science camera-trapping initiatives across Europe (NO, IT, ES, SE, SI, DE, NL, NO, BE, FR, IT, PL)
  • BioBoost+ – Boosting the Frequency and Scale of Marine Biodiversity Monitoring Using Digital Imagery and Artificial Intelligence (IT, NL, NO, GR, FR, ES, IL)
  • BioMonI – Biodiversity monitoring of island ecosystems (DE, AT, PT, CH, FR, ES)
  • CAMBioMed – Coordinated and adaptive monitoring of biodiversity change across Mediterranean rocky ecosystems (IT, GR, SE, ES, IT, NL, IL, HR)
  • CoForFunc – Toward a biome-scale monitoring of the Congo basin FORest FUNCtional composition (FR, DE, ES, BE, CM, CG)
  • DESTRESS – DEciphering temporal trends and safe operating spaces for river biodiversity within the context of multiple STRESSors (NO, DE, DK, SE, NL)
  • DNAquaIMG – Innovating transnational aquatic biodiversity monitoring using high-throughput DNA tools and automated image recognition (DE, DK, AT, FI, FR, PL, IE, PT, CZ, RS, SE)
  • DNASense – From gene to landscapes: development of environmental impact assessment tools for marine biodiversity monitoring using eDNA and remote sensing techniques (SE, BE, ES, FI, EE)
  • EMPHATIC – E-DNA, Microbiomes, Photogrammetry and Hormones – Assessment Techniques In Cetaceans (ES, PT, FR, IT)
  • ENABLElocal – Enabling use of biodiversity monitoring data in local conservation management (DE, CZ, SE)
  • ForBioMon – Boosting FORest BIOdiversity MONitoring in Europe through smart combination of existing data (BE, SE, CZ, DE)
  • Forest-Web-3.0 – Mobilising, harmonising and incentivising forest biodiversity and environmental monitoring data through Web 3.0 technology (NO, EE, BE)
  • FunDive – Monitoring and mapping fungal diversity for nature conservation (DK, EE, ES, BE, IT, CZ, HU, DE, PT, FR, NO, FI, PL, CH, GR, NL)
  • GINAMO – Genetic Indicators for NAture MOnitoring (DK, SE, BE, DE, NO, FR, IT, USA)
  • GRASS4FUN – Monitoring the contribution of European grasslands to the conservation of soil biodiversity and ecosystem function under multiple global change stressors (ES, DE, CH, NL, FR, PT)
  • HiRAD – Harmonising and integrating Radar-based approaches for monitoring Aerial bioDiversity (CH, NL, BE, FI, CH, FR, DE, USA)
  • IMPACT – Integrated Monitoring of PArasites in Changing EnvironmenTs (NO, DE, CH, IE, NL, ES, CZ)
  • METAPLANTCODE – Harmonizing plant metabarcoding pipelines in Europe to support monitoring activities in the field of plants and their functional organismic networks (DE, SE, NO, CH, NL, PT, FR, RO, GR, BE)
  • MiDiPeat – Monitoring of peat microbial diversity through vegetation properties and its implication for carbon dynamics across European peatlands (FI, DE, EE, CZ)
  • MonitAnt – Developing a European-level Monitoring strategy for mound- building Formica Ants and symbiont communities residing in nest mounds (DE, UK, IT, CZ, RO, FI, BE )
  • MOOBYF – Monitoring the Open-Ocean BiodiversitY with Fishers (FR, ID, MV, BE, IT, DE, )
  • MoSTFun – Monitoring Strategies and Tools to address knowledge gaps on aquatic Fungal biodiversity (CH, CA, IT, DE, SE, NO, ES, EE, USA)
  • MOTIVATE – Monitoring Of Terrestrial habitats by Integrating Vegetation Archive Time series in Europe (DE, AT, ES, IT, CZ, FI)
  • NorTrack – The Northeast Atlantic Marine Tracking Network (IE, BE, NO, FR, DK, SE, CA)
  • SEAGHOSTS – The global spatial ecology and conservation of the world’s smallest and elusive seabirds, the storm petrel (Hydrobatidae & Oceanitidae), across the Mediterranean and the North East Atlantic Ocean (ES, DK, DE, ES, PT, GR, NO, IT, IS, FR, IE, USA)
  • SEPPI – Standardized European monitoring of plant-pollinator interactions (SEPPI) (DE, BE, CZ, FI, HU, IT, RO, LV)
  • SoilRise – Raising awareness for soil biodiversity and multiplying monitoring by student-based Citizen Science (DE, AT, PL, IE, FR)
  • Sub-BioMon – Developing and testing approaches to monitor subterranean biodiversity in karst (SI, BE, IT, HU, RO, LU)
  • TABMON – Towards a Transnational Acoustic Biodiversity MOnitoring Network (NO, NL, FR, ES, NL)
  • TRANSPONDER – Transnational biodiversity and ecosystem assessment approaches for pondscapes in Europe (DK, HU, BE, CH, ES, TR, DE)
  • WildINTEL – Building a scalable WILDlife monitoring system by integrating remote camera sampling and artificial INTELligence with Essential Biodiversity Variables (PL, USA, ES, NO, DE)
  • WOBEC – Weddell Sea Observatory of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Change (DE, SE, IT, NO, NL, BE, PL, USA)
Evaluation Committee
Co-Chairs of the Committee
  • Scientific co-Chair: Nathalie Pettorelli
  • Policy-management co-Chair: Simon Gardner
Other members of the committee

Scientific experts (27)

  • Kofi Akamani
  • Peter Arcese
  • Fernando Ascensão
  • Clement Atzberger
  • Isabelle Aubin
  • Yu-Chung Chiang
  • Nicola Clerici
  • Richard Gregory (step 1 only)
  • Grant Hamilton
  • Stephanie Hampton
  • Ferenc Jordan
  • Dave Kendal
  • Hojka Kraigher
  • Anne Magurran
  • Frank Masese
  • Louise McRae
  • Lina Mtwana Nordlund
  • Zuzana Musilova
  • Piotr Nowicki
  • Nessa O’Connor
  • Michael Pocock
  • Natasha Ribeiro
  • Oguz Turkozan
  • Davnah Urbach
  • Yeqiao Wang
  • Monika Wulf
  • Alexandra Zieritz

Policy/management experts (24)

  • Mora Aronsson
  • Johnny Berglund
  • Karma Bouazza
  • Peter Bridgewater
  • Claire Brown
  • Francisco Miguel Cortés Sánchez
  • Roberto Crosti
  • Adriana Ford
  • Frederik Forsberg
  • David Gutiérrez
  • Colin Hindmarch
  • Katia Hueso-Kortekaas
  • Judy Fisher
  • Peter Koncz
  • Manuel Lago
  • Maria Cecilia Londono Murcia
  • Ivone Pereira Martins
  • Vinod Bihari Mathur
  • Angela Morgado (step 1 only)
  • Nicholas Ozor
  • Simona Polakova
  • Christian Prip
  • Sunandan Tiwari (step 1 only)
  • Wouter Vanneuville
Funding Organisations

33 funding organisations from 23 countries (including Autonomous Province of Bolzano/Bozen) fund one or several research teams in this joint Call.

In total, 46 funding organisations from 33 countries participated to this Call.

The General contact point for the follow-up of the funded projects are Anna Kotarba and Mateusz Sobczyk: biodiversa.projects@ncn.gov.pl (NCN, Poland)

Country Funding organisation Acronym Name Email
Austria Fonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung FWF Iris Fortmann
Anna Dickermann
Belgium Service Public Fédéral de Programmation Politique Scientifique BELSPO Aline van der Werf aline.vanderwerf@belspo.be
Belgium (Flanders) Fonds Voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek-Vlaanderen FWO Toon Monbaliu
Kristien Peeters
Belgium (Wallonia-Brussels) Fonds de la Recherche Scientifique F.R.S.-FNRS Joël Groeneveld joel.groeneveld@frs-fnrs.be
Brazil Brazilian National Council of State Funding Agencies* CONFAP Elisa Natola elisa.confap@gmail.com
Brazil Brazilian National Council for Scientific and Technological Development* CNPq Dileine Amaral da Cunha dileine.cunha@cnpq.br
Bulgaria Bulgarian National Science Fund* BNSF Milena Aleksandrova aleksandrova@mon.bg
Czech Republic Technology Agency of the Czech Republic TA CR Matej Stepanek matej.stepanek@tacr.cz
Denmark Innovation Fund Denmark IFD Kathrine Hauge Madsen
Aila Lonka
Estonia Sihtasutus Eesti Teadusagentuur ETAg Margit Suuroja margit.suuroja@etag.ee
Estonia Estonian Ministry of the Environment MoC_EE Raili Allmäe raili.allmae@envir.ee
Estonia Estonian Ministry of Rural Affairs REM Epp Eisler epp.eisler@agri.ee
Finland Suomen Akatemia AKA Harri Hautala harri.hautala@aka.fi
Finland Ministry of the Environment MoE_FI Tanja Suni tanja.suni@ym.fi
France Office français de la biodiversité OFB Marie Pierrel marie.pierrel@ofb.gouv.fr
France Agence Nationale de la Recherche ANR Céline Billiere, Sophie Germann,
Clara Superbie
Germany VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH on behalf of BMBF VDI/VDE-IT (on behalf of BMBF) Rainer Schliep, Anne Endmann rainer.schliep@vdivde-it.de
Germany Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft e.V. DFG Gaby Rerig gaby.rerig@dfg.de
Greece General Secretariat for Research and Innovation GSRI Anna Rosenberg, Antonios Gypakis a.rosenberg@gsrt.gr
Hungary Nemzeti Kutatási, Fejlesztési és Innovációs Hivatal NKFIH Dorottya Szemere dorottya.szemere@nkfih.gov.hu
Ireland Environmental Protection Agency of Ireland Irish EPA Caroline Wynne
Darragh O’Neill
Italy Ministry of Universities and Research MUR Yasmine Iollo
Aldo Covello
Italy Autonomous Province of Bolzano/Bozen PROV.BZ Laura Cherchi Laura.Cherchi@provincia.bz.it
Ivory Coast Fonds pour la Science, la Technologie et I’Innovation* FONTSI Annette Ouattara

Patrick Assamoa

Latvia Latvian Council of Science LZP Maija Bundule maija.bundule@lzp.gov.lv
Lithuania Lietuvos mokslo taryba* LMT Viktoras Mongirdas viktoras.mongirdas@lmt.lt
Moldova (Republic of) National Agency for Research and Development* NARD Olga Davidenco
Vadim Iatchevici
Morocco Ministry of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research* MENFPESRS Nihale EL AZZOUZI
Abdelouahid EZZARFI
Netherlands Dutch Research Council NWO Ron Winkler r.winkler@nwo.nl
Norway Research Council of Norway RCN Jonas Enge jen@rcn.no
Poland Narodowe Centrum Nauki NCN Mateusz Sobczyk
Anna Kotarba
Portugal Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia FCT Joana Pinheiro
Pedro Ferreira
Romania Unitatea Executivă pentru Finanțarea Învățământului Superior, a Cercetării, Dezvoltării și Inovării UEFISCDI Adrian Asanica
Luciana Bratu
Andreea Popa
Slovakia Slovak Academy of Sciences* SAS Zuzana Panisová panisova@up.upsav.sk
Slovenia Ministry of Education, Science and Sport MVZI Katja Žagar katja.zagar02@gov.si
South Africa Department of Science and Innovation* DSI Tugela Matubatuba
Karabo Mphogo
Spain Fundación Biodiversidad FB Sandra Blázquez Carmen Gutiérrez Javier Remiro biodiversa@fundacion-biodiversidad.es
Spain Agencia Estatal de Investigación AEI Patricia Vera Bravo
Esther Chacón
Spain CDTI* CDTI E.P.E Hector Gonzalez partenariadosHE@cdti.es
Sweden Swedish National
Space Agency
SNSA Selima Ben Mustapha selima.benmustapha@snsa.se
Sweden Swedish EPA SEPA Hannah Östergård
Roswall, Neda
Switzerland Swiss National Science Foundation SNSF Claudia Ellenrieder
Madlen Korneli
Taiwan National Science and Technology Council* NSTC Ching-Mei, Tang cmtom@nstc.gov.tw
Tunisia Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research* MHESR Hayet Souai
Saida Rafrafi
Türkiye Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry* TAGEM Fatma SARSU
Aysun Mete
Türkiye Türkiye Bilimsel ve Teknolojik Araştırma Kurumu TUBITAK Yeliz TÜMBİLEN ÖZER yeliz.ozer@tubitak.gov.tr


*Not funding research partner