Prize for
Excellence and Impact

The BiodivERsA Prize for Excellence and Impact is awarded on a yearly basis since 2018 to showcase the achievements of BiodivERsA-funded projects that have produced excellent science with concrete impacts for policy and/or society.

To this date, six projects have won the Prize and the results of their research have been featured in two animated movies, produced by the motion company Squarefish.

The videos serve multiple purposes:

  • To acknowledge and highlight the quality of the project’s research findings and engagement work, and support the dissemination of their work to the scientific community and to a larger audience.
  • To give a concrete example of BiodivERsA’s approach to promoting scientific excellence hand in hand with policy and societal relevance. Scientists applying to future BiodivERsA calls can be inspired by the results of the awarded projects which published an extensive list of high-level papers and were particularly successful in engaging policy and societal actors at local, national and EU level throughout the project’s duration and beyond.
  • To showcase the added-value of a European (and even international) research projects that allow researchers to work simultaneously on a common topic in different countries and have concrete impacts on the ground.

The ENABLE project investigated the factors that influence the realization of green and blue infrastructure potential for a better living environment in cities. Focusing on the role of infrastructures, institutions, and perceptions, ENABLE used social and environmental justice together with resilience to assess the generation and distribution of ecosystem service benefits. The framework, developed by the researchers in consultation and collaboration with local stakeholders, was tested and applied in multiple European cities and offer a new baseline for understanding and unlocking green and blue infrastructure potential in urban areas.

Researchers from the SPONFOREST project have studied spontaneous forest regrowth in abandoned European farmland areas to evaluate its potential for creating diverse and resilient forests. Examining five representative landscapes in southwestern Europe, they have shown that new forests can generate rapidly and offer important ecosystem services. Their findings showcase that spontaneous forest regrowth can be a credible and effective option for restoring healty and diverse forests in Europe, thereby complementing active tree planting and other land use options.

The Belgian Biodiversity Platform led the production of these two videos, along with the project researchers of ENABLE and SPONFOREST, BiodivERsA and the motion design studio Squarefish.

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