As part of its strategy, Biodiversa+ is launching multi-annual flagship programmes. These flagship programmes address a particular biodiversity issue, aligned with the themes identified in the Biodiversa+ Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda, and encompass a portfolio of activities relevant to the issues tackled and across the different Biodiversa+ work streams.

Through its flagship programmes Biodiversa+ implements
a holistic set of activities related to:

Mapping and foresight

Joint call(s) for support to research

Reinforcement of the link between research and biodiversity monitoring/infrastructure

Capacity building activities

Stakeholder engagement

Science society/policy interfacing

Biodiversa+ strives to increase the efficiency and impact of its activities through synergies and cross-linkages between its flagship programmes, and to ensure systemic efforts through collaborations and complementarity with existing initiatives, Partnerships and Horizon Europe’s calls.

A flagship program will implement in a holistic manner, a range of activities to effectively support achieving its objectives.

Our Flagship Programmes

Over 7 years, Biodiversa+ foresees the launch of a total of 8 Flagship Programmes. Each one typically runs over several years.

Two flagship programmes started in the first year of Biodiversa+ (i.e. in 2021-2022):

  • Supporting biodiversity and ecosystem protection across land and sea (including the BiodivProtect Call, launched in 2021)
  • Better transnational monitoring of biodiversity to better characterize, understand and report on biodiversity dynamics and trends (including the BiodivMon Call, launched in 2022)

During its second year (2022-2023), Biodiversa+ launched two more flagship programmes:

  • Better knowledge to develop, deploy and assess nature-based solutions (including the BiodivNBS Call, launched in 2023)
  • Supporting societal transformation for the sustainable use and management of biodiversity ((including the BiodivTransform Call, to be launched in 2024)

Nota bene: Each flagship programme will not necessarily include a call for research proposals.

Overview of the Topical and Cross-cutting Themes that structure the Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda of the European Biodiversity Partnership with the indication of where the first four flagship programmes (FP) are located.