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As part of its work programme, Biodiversa+ supports interoperability and harmonisation of biodiversity monitoring protocols to harmonise biodiversity monitoring schemes across Europe.


A key step to tackle this issue was to carry out a literature survey on existing transnational biodiversity monitoring programmes, to get an idea of what is being done and how.


This study has analysed fourteen case studies and shows the possible strategy combinations for data workflows and governance to deliver general trends at the European scale. This study also shows that coordination at pan-European level and an effective guidance provision are essential, along with the networking of strong national coordination centres as the ensure national ownership.

Building on this study, a workshop on the strategies to harmonise biodiversity monitoring protocols was held in Paris in March 2023. This workshop gathered 26 actors involved in biodiversity monitoring, representing European and (sub-)national initiatives and institutions, researchers, Biodiversa+ partners and representatives from EuropaBON, our key collaborator. As a next step, Biodiversa+ will draft a guidance for best practices on how to harmonise protocols across countries.