BiodivRestore Knowledge Hub: A Collaborative Network for Nature Restoration

The UN’s Decade on Ecosystem Restoration and the ambitious goals of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework highlight the urgent need for action. We must halt the degradation of ecosystems, restore those that have suffered, and conserve the ones still intact. In alignment with this global effort, the EU biodiversity strategy for 2030 aims to contribute to the continuous, long-term recovery of biodiverse and resilient nature across Europe.

To address these critical challenges, BiodivERsA (now Biodiversa+) and Water JPI (now Water4all) jointly launched the “BiodivRestore” ERANET COFUND in 2020 to support research on ecosystem restoration. Building on its success and the funding 22 research projects, BiodivRestore partners established a pan-European Knowledge Hub on Nature Restoration.

This hub is a network of researchers and stakeholders, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing. Its goal? To empower countries in developing and implementing national restoration plans, ultimately achieving the targets set by the EU and UN initiatives.


The BiodivRestore Knowledge Hub brings together 52 experts from various disciplines, including biodiversity, ecology, social sciences, political sciences, and land management. They come from BiodivRestore projects, but also from other Biodiversa+ projects and EU initiatives.

The Hub operates through two dedicated task forces, each focusing on a key function:

Implementation Task Force

This group strengthens the knowledge base for restoration targets and needs. They develop science-based guidance, raise awareness about restoration principles, and foster collaboration across disciplines. They also advise on cross-border coordination and capacity building for national restoration hubs.

There are 25 experts in this task force:

  • 9 from Horizon 2020 Research and Innovations Actions (RIA) and funded projects
  • 6 from BiodivRestore projects
  • 5 from other Biodiversa+ projects
  • 5 from various initiatives: Infrastructure Ecology Network Europe (IENE), LIFE programme, etc.

Research & Innovation (R&I) Task Force

This group focuses on advancing the research and innovation agenda for restoration. They exchange ideas for future transnational research, identify gaps between research and implementation, support the WaterJPI/Water4All work, and contribute to improved policymaking tools.

There are 27 experts in this task force:

  • 13 from BiodivRestore projects
  • 8 from Horizon 2020 Research and Innovations Actions (RIA) and funded projects
  • 6 from various initiatives: IUCN, Seagrass Consortium, Senckenberg Nature Museum, etc.

Habitats and environments studied

The majority of experts specialise in freshwater ecosystems, reflecting the initial focus of the BiodivRestore call, but the Hub incorporates experts across diverse environments, ensuring a well-rounded approach to restoration challenges.

Freshwater, riverine and inland waters ecosystems (18)
Terrestrial ecosystems (16)
Coastal and marine environments (14)
Terrestrial and inland waters ecosystems (13)
Other (1)

Countries of origin