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What is the Biome?

The Biodiversa+ Biome is the greatest way to enter the active European biodiversity community and not miss any opportunity!


Join an open-ended group of active organisations, initiatives and individuals interested in Biodiversa+ purposes and work, that aim to share their interests and experiences with other similar stakeholders.

By joining the Biodiversa+ Biome, you will:


Be regularly informed through an online synthetic overview of Biodiversa+ developments and achievements at least twice a year


Receive specific opportunities to interact more closely with Biodiversa+ activities, based on your shared interests (e.g. invitation to participate in a workshop, sharing of expertise, or flagging of possible relevant outputs from other stakeholders’ activities shared with Biodiversa+ and possibly other Biome members)


Participate in stimulating dialogues between members of the Biome, initially by sharing “News from the Biome” (i.e. news from Biome members), and possibly through and emphasise the community aspect of the Biome

How does it work?

You simply need to register through the link below. You can indicate the topics on which you would like to receive information and/or opportunities based on your interest and expertise. You will automatically integrate the Biome and be subscribed to the biannual Biome bulletin.


There are no prerequisites to join the Biome: individual, organisation from academia or not, public or private initiative, active at local, national or international levels…


Twice a year, an synthetic overview is sent to all members. This bulletin contains the progress in implementing Biodiversa+, an overview of accessible productions of Biodiversa+ published in the past months, a calendar of upcoming activities and main foreseen opportunities to engage in, and some selected “news from the Biome members”.


As members of the Biome, you will also receive outside of these bulletins throughout the year ad hoc opportunities for tailored engagement in Biodiversa+ activities based on interests you shared with us.