To date, Biodiversa+ gathers 74 partners from 36 countries. To ensure that the European Biodiversity Partnerhsip delivers on the planned objectives, Biodiversa+ uses a structure providing good governance and decision making by all partners, while allowing reinforced advisory processes and strong links with European Commission services. It relies on well-articulated bodies detailed below.

Coordination team

The coordination body, composed by a Chair and two Vice Chairs, elected by the General Assembly.

General Assembly

The formal decision-making body for overall strategy and priorities of Biodiversa+, composed of representatives from the Biodiversa+ members.

Executive Board

The operational management body including the Coordination Team, the work package leaders and two members of the Biodiversa+ General Assembly elected for three and a half years.

Advisory Board

The advisory body, composed of both scientists and stakeholders. It ensures that a broad range of views from researchers and stakeholders are carefully accounted for.

Enlarged Stakeholder Board

Organised under 6 thematic colleges, representing broad stakeholder types to engage with. It is renewed every 3.5 years, through a public call for interest to which all relevant organisations are free to apply.

Operational Team

Ensuring the operational implementation of the Biodiversa+ workplan, the Operational Team is composed of 9 officers.