To roll out its activities and to build on existing efforts and initiatives, Biodiversa+ aims to engage in key collaborations throughout its duration. Biodiversa+ Key Collaborators are stakeholders engaged in a key and strategic collaboration with Biodiversa+ at the level of one or several activities.

Key collaborators are actively involved in Biodiversa+ strategic objectives by contributing to Biodiversa+ activities at different stages and by moving forward Biodiversa+ key objectives. Their engagement is active and regular with key influence on the Biodiversa+ activities. Biodiversa+ also contributes strategically to the key collaborators’ activities on a win-win basis.

The status of key collaborator is subject to the approval of Biodiversa+ General Assembly and should respond to the following criteria:

  • Key collaborators should clearly contribute to Biodiversa+’s strategic objectives and have a strategic contribution to Biodiversa+ activities;
  • The engagement with key collaborators should be recurrent, have a real impact on the set up and implementation of given tasks, and of medium to high intensity in overall contribution (involve/collaborate);
  • The key collaboration should be based on a win-win principle, where both Biodiversa+ and the stakeholder find their way around.

EuropaBON has the mission to overcome existing data gaps and workflow bottlenecks by designing an EU-wide framework for monitoring biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Alternet brings together international natural and social science researchers to integrate our understanding of biodiversity, ecosystems, and the services they provide.