What do we aim at?

Biodiversa+ aims to establish a transnational network of national biodiversity monitoring schemes addressing pre-defined priorities, tightly linked to the research and innovation ecosystem while efficiently informing the policy arena. Building on national/regional monitoring schemes and capacity building for setting up new schemes, this will contribute to improving monitoring of biodiversity and ecosystem services across all land and sea habitats in Europe (status and trends).


To reach this goal, Biodiversa+ joins forces with EuropaBON, our key collaborator, and other key bodies (EEA, GBIF, JRC) in delineating a strategic framework that defines a common vision (end-goal) for biodiversity monitoring across Europe, as well as the major steps, collaborations and governance options to reach it.

What are our actions in the field?

Biodiversa+ is working on six main areas:

Who is involved in our actions in the field?
Set-up a transnational network of national biodiversity monitoring schemes

Biodiversa+ promotes the clustering of major national and sub-national biodiversity monitoring schemes across Europe, builds capacity, promotes harmonisation, and provides support and additional resources to European biodiversity monitoring these schemes with the ultimate goal to set up a transnational network of national and sub-national biodiversity monitoring schemes, leading to improved biodiversity monitoring and information on biodiversity status & trends across Europe.

Refine priorities and needs for adequate coverage for biodiversity monitoring to better fit research, society and policy needs

During the first two years of Biodiversa+, 7 biodiversity monitoring priorities were selected to guide this work:

Terrestrial and marine protected areas


Offshore marine biodiversity &/or marine mega-fauna

Invasive alien species

Soil biodiversity

Pollinators, butterflies and other insects

Wildlife diseases and biodiversity facets linked to health issues

Transversal activities (Information systems)

Harmonisation of protocols & databases and support to new methods, technologies and approaches

Biodiversa+ works on the harmonisation of protocols and inventory methods across regions and countries. It also implements experience sharing and capacity building activities to contribute to the harmonisation of databases and data interoperability.

Biodiversa+ also supports the development and deployment of new technologies and approaches. This includes approaches to promote citizen science in close link to monitoring schemes.

Improving the use of biodiversity monitoring data

Biodiversa+ contributes to improve the use of monitoring data by research and innovation for a better understanding of relationships between the state of the biodiversity and its drivers / pressures, but also by decision-makers, including from the private sector

Biodiversa+ biodiversity monitoring releases

Biodiversa+ strategic biodiversity monitoring governance document (Phase 1)

Mapping of national and sub-national organisations that fund and steer biodiversity monitoring schemes

Report on biodiversity monitoring knowledge gaps, research & innovation priorities

Report on the harmonisation and interoperability of datasets across regions and countries

Report on the use of biodiversity monitoring data in private decision making

Report on shared goals and priorities for biodiversity monitoring within Biodiversa+

Literature survey on the harmonisation of biodiversity monitoring protocols