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Biodiversa+ aims to support the use of biodiversity monitoring data by research and in decision making. 

In early 2022, a workshop gathering 38 experts allowed to identify knowledge gaps and research priorities related to the testing and application of new tools, technologies and approaches for biodiversity monitoring by researchers (including approaches like citizen science) and the use of monitoring data by research & innovation (R&I). These knowledge gaps were listed in a report which then fed the development of the BiodivMon research call on “Improved transnational monitoring of biodiversity and ecosystem change for science and society”.

In September 2022, another expert workshop gathering 31 participants was organised and aimed at identifying how to use biodiversity monitoring data to produce trends and scenarios and how to harmonise trend analysis for a better use at larger scale. The results of this workshop fed into the “Biodiversa+ strategic biodiversity monitoring governance document (Phase 1).

Use of biodiversity monitoring data in private decision making

In 2022, Biodiversa+ aimed to answer the question: “what is needed to facilitate the use (and sharing) of biodiversity data by the private sector?” to orient future work to be carried out by Biodiversa+ on this topic. Twenty private sector actors including private companies, agricultural representatives, NGOs from the local to the international scales as well as some Biodiversa+ partners and EuropaBON representatives where invited to attend a workshop on 8 November 2022 in Brussels.

This workshop allowed to identity:

  • The needs of the private sector related to the use of biodiversity monitoring data
  • Possible support that Biodiversa+ could provide in this domain.