As part of its key action areas related to Nature-based solutions, Biodiversa+ is engaged as a Partner in NetworkNature.

NetworkNature is a resource for the Nature-based solutions (NBS) community, creating opportunities for local, regional and international cooperation to maximise the impact and spread of Nature-based solutions. The European Commission funds NetworkNature under the Horizon 2020 programme.

Biodiversa+, together with ICLEI Europe, IUCN, Oppla, Steinbeis 2i and in close collaboration with the European Commission Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, have joined forces to maximise the EU’s potential to become a global leader in deploying innovative NBS to address societal challenges.


NetworkNature is coming to an end in July 2023 and will be continued by a follow up project NetworkNature+ for 4 more years.

NetworkNature’s main objectives are

To consolidate, expand and support a community of practice for NBS across science, business, policy and practice from sub-national to global level, across the rural-urban continuum, with a particular focus on innovative NBS, through a solid platform governance;

To promote the increase and upscaling of NBS implementation across key areas of science, business, policy and practice;

To build a broad base of support for NBS amongst society at large.

Biodiversa+ and NetworkNature

As a member of the NetworkNature consortium, Biodiversa+ is in charge of carrying out NetworkNature’s activities in link with the research and innovation sector. These activities include:

Biodiversa+ and NetworkNature are also collaborating as stand-alone projects and coordinating their activities on NBS to maximize synergies where relevant.