Biodiversa+ recognises the many challenges faced by researchers to ensure academic excellence and societal impact at the same time of their research. In this context, Biodiversa+ seeks to reinforce the capacity of research and innovation actors to engage with policy, practice and stakeholders in view of ensuring the uptake and lasting impacts of their findings.

To do so, Biodiversa+ is organising dedicated capacity building activities for its funded projects on a variety of topics:

  • Stakeholder engagement and science-policy interfacing,
  • Science communication,
  • Citizen science,
  • Open Science and data management.

Free guides and handbooks

Stakeholder Engagement Handbook cover
Stakeholder Engagement Handbook

Learn more on ‘why’, ‘who’, ‘when’ and ‘how’ to engage stakeholders in research projects.

Guide on Policy Relevance of Research cover
Guide on policy relevance of research

Learn more on what is policy relevance of research, how this aspect is evaluated in Biodiversa+ calls and what are the most relevant policies for your research projects.

Citizen Science Toolkit cover
Citizen Science Toolkit

Get an overview of what Citizen Science is and access to a list of the most relevant publications and most useful tools for Citizen Science.

Handbook on the use of biodiversity scenarios
Handbook on the use of biodiversity scenarios in support of decision-making

Learn more on how to develop biodiversity scenarios (in particular participatory ones) and how they can be a tool in support of decision-making.

Guidance on data management cover
Guidance document on open science and data management

Learn more on what is open science, the regulations in different countries related to open science, and how to draft data management plans for your research projects.