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Support to R&I

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Biodiversity monitoring

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NBS & biodiversity valuation

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Stakeholder engagement

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Coordination & management

Support to R&I
BiodivNBS : Call is open

The BiodivNBS 2023-2024 call for research proposals on “Nature-Based for biodiversity, human well-being and transformative change” was launched on 11 September 2023.

  • All the information regarding this call is available on the call page
  • Pre-proposals will have to be submitted on our online platform EPSS by 10 November 2023 at 3 PM CET
  • A general information webinar was organised on 26 September. Over 1,000 persons attended this webinar. The replay is available here.

For more information, contact the Biodiversa+ Call Secretariat (ANR): biodiversa.cs@agencerecherche.fr

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Choice of the 5th Call topic

The process to decide on the topic of the 5th joint call for research proposals was agreed on during the General Assembly in September 2023. Biodiversa+ partners are invited to fill this survey before 17 November 2023 to suggest topics for future calls.


For more information, contact the Biodiversa+ Call Secretariat (ANR): biodiversa.cs@agencerecherche.fr

Data Management Plan

Following the Data Management workshop on 30 May 2023 for projects funded under BiodivProtect Call and the rapidly evolving landscape of data management and open science, Biodiversa+ and the Belmont Forum updated the DMP guide that was jointly produced in 2019. Minor updates were made without changing the whole structure of the document and the new version is available on our website.


For more information, contact Harri Hautala (Leader of T1.2.2): harri.hautala@aka.fi

Launch of new working groups
  • The “Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) Working Group” that will reflect on better promoting and supporting interdisciplinarity in Biodiversa+ research calls and actions is being set-up.
    This Working Group is opened to all interested partners and will meet for the first time on Thursday 26 October 2023 from 2 to 4 pm CEST.
    If interested, register here to attend the meeting and join the working group.
  • The working group that will reflect on how to improve the participation and success of smaller or less successful research communities in joint calls has been set-up.
    For more information, contact Céline Billière and Sveatoslav Postoronca: celine.billiere@agencerecherche.fr & sveatoslav.postoronca@ancd.gov.md
Save the date: Discussion analysing Biodiversa+ Calls' impact

A discussion session with Biodiversa+ partners about the monitoring process of the funded projects and the strategy to analyse the impact of Biodiversa+ calls will be held on 30 November from 10 to 11am CET.


If interested, please save the date on your agenda to attend the discussion session.


For more information, contact Matej Stepanek and the Call Secretariat: matej.stepanek@tacr.cz & biodiversa.cs@agencerecherche.fr

Biodiversity monitoring
Get an overview of the work carried out in WP2

Since the last partners’ bulletin, the Biodiversa+ WP2 is pleased to present its:

Report on shared goals and priorities for biodiversity monitoring
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Update on Pilots

During the summer, WP2 has been particularly active to finalise the development of five candidate pilot topics. Among others, TAGEM has organised a workshop on marine non-indigenous species in Trabzon, Türkiye in July, gathering some Biodiversa+ partners and external initiatives and experts.


Based on the candidate pilot work plans, the General Assembly formally agreed to launch three of the candidate pilot topics (Habitats, ABMS and EuRockFish) in January 2024 and to create a BioDash task force for the development of an EBV-based dashboard under WP2.


The General Assembly has also agreed to extend by the IAS and soil pilots by one year.


All the Biodiversa+ partners willing to join a pilot will have to confirm their participation by the 6 October 2023 in this online form: we look forward to working with you!

NBS & biodiversity valuation
EU R&I Roadmap for Nature-based Solutions Out Now

In June, we launched the European Roadmap to 2030 for Research and Innovation on Nature-based Solutions. This roadmap, developed in collaboration with Biodiversa+, outlines key action areas for European research and innovation in NBS. These actions are crucial for achieving the EU’s goals related to NBS development and deployment. You can explore the roadmap here: EU R&I Roadmap for NBS

Strategic Workshop on Business and Biodiversity

On 28 June, 2023, we organised a strategic workshop on Business and Biodiversity in Paris. This gathering brought together experts and stakeholders to provide valuable insights that will shape Biodiversa+’s concrete activities in support of the link between business and biodiversity in the years ahead. We anticipate sharing the workshop report with you in October 2023.

NetworkNature+ was launched!

NetworkNature+, the successor to NetworkNature, was officially launched in August 2023. With this project, Biodiversa+ will continue its collaboration with research and innovation communities to promote Nature-based solutions. The consortium, comprised of 11 partners, will operate for four years with the following objectives:

  • Supporting EU, Member States, and international policy-making by promoting the integration and mobilisation of NBS knowledge.
  • Expanding, guiding, and engaging the community of innovators, developers, and practitioners involved in NBS.
  • Enhancing the capacities and skills of public authorities, investors, entrepreneurs in NBS, and society as a whole.
More updates from WP3

In the coming months, we have some exciting activities planned in Work Package 3 (WP3):

  • In October, we will launch two open consultations to gather feedback from our partners and stakeholders. These consultations will focus on two upcoming guides for researchers: one centred on the European landscape of Nature-based solutions and the other on the European landscape of business and biodiversity.
  • We are currently in the process of developing success stories related to Nature-based solutions from previous BiodivERsA projects.
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Link to policy
Latest reports

Since the last partners’ bulletin, the Biodiversa+ WP4 is pleased to introduce two reports:

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Update on other science-policy activities

Our work package on the science policy interface has carried out many activities and

  • Organised a clustering workshop at the end of May for the BiodivHealth research projects to identify possible topics for developing policy briefs. This was led by SEPA. Following the outcomes of this workshop, a call for tender was launched to hire a knowledge broker.
  • Organised two workshops on transformative change for biodiversity in economic and financial systems and in public policies under the lead of MTECT.
  • Launched the development of a catalogue to map how the Biodiversa previous research projects address the targets of the Global Biodiversity Framework, under the lead of Formas.
  • Identified topics for future science-policy success stories based on the outcomes of the BiodivDynamics projects, with the support of the operational team.
Mapping of international collaboration between scientists of the EPA and other regions

This mapping, developed by UEFISCDI, analyses research collaboration in biodiversity from 2012 to 2021. Its primary aims are to assess and guide priorities for reinforcing international biodiversity research, and to inform biodiversity research strategy and foster international scientific cooperation.


Reading this mapping, you will…

  • … discover the main geographical research collaborations on biodiversity
  • … find out more on trends of articles published in the field of biodiversity
  • … discover the distribution of biodiversity publications in World Regions
Reinforcing the use of European and global research infrastructures (by biodiversity researchers in the European Research Area)

The report, developed by LNV, outlines Biodiversa+’s efforts to enhance the use of global biodiversity infrastructures by European researchers during 2022 and 2023. These efforts include:

  • Initiating and strengthening collaborations with various infrastructures.
  • Assessing the current utilization of research infrastructures by biodiversity researchers in the European Research Area.
  • Identifying potential barriers hindering their use.
  • Highlighting opportunities for more integrated infrastructure utilization.
  • Proposing future Biodiversa+ activities to address these barriers and promote opportunities.

The report provides an overview of these activities and offers recommendations on how Biodiversa+ can further facilitate the utilisation of European and global research infrastructures, including of earth observation programs, by biodiversity researchers in the European Research Area.

Presentation of Biodiversa+ at European expert meeting in preparation of CBD SBSTTA-25

From 12-15 September this expert meeting took place with the main aim was to provide expert input into the 25th meeting of the CBD SBSTTA, which will take place in October 2023 in Nairobi, Kenya.


A presentation on Biodiversa+ and its diverse set of activities in support of the CBD (incl. SBSTTA) was also given in one of these sessions, together with a presentation on the CO-OP4CBD European project. Several ways of using Biodiversa+ project outcomes relevant to SBSTTA-25 (e.g., on IAS or sustainable use of wild species) were highlighted.


The Biodiversa+ presentation was prepared by Charlotte Le Delliou, task lead in charge of the collaboration with the CBD and delivered by Rob Hendriks who was already one of the participants in the meeting and thus in a good position to represent Biodiversa+ on this occasion.


Download the slides of this presentation here.

Highlight on the 7th Pan-European Stakeholder Consultation (PESC) meeting

The 7th Pan-European Stakeholder Consultation was held prior to the 10th IPBES plenary session, from July 3 to 5 in Kastamonu, Türkiye. This event was co-organised by Biodiversa+. It brought together biodiversity stakeholders from Europe and Central Asia (ECA) in support of IPBES and provided an opportunity to:

  • Organise informal discussions between national focal points and other experts to analyse and discuss the IPBES documents to be considered during IPBES-10;
  • Promote stakeholder engagement in IPBES work;
  • Support pan-European networking and exchange of best practice;
  • Strengthen collaboration on biodiversity research at pan-European level, including Central Asia.

Some 60 participants attended, including national focal points and experts from 28 European countries.

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Biodiversa Prize for Excellence and Impact

The AlienScenarios and GloBAM projects have won the Biodiversa Prize for Excellence and Impact, BiodivScen edition. Congratulations to them! Biodiversa+ has developed animated videos with the awarded projects to highlight their findings, and to help disseminate their work to the scientific community and beyond. Watch them below:

IAS Assessment - Highlight of Biodiversa projects

The IPBES has launched its assessment on invasive alien species on 4 September 2023. 25 scientific and peer-reviewed publications resulting from Biodiversa+ projects were used in the new assessment, demonstrating their relevance and quality for the comprehensive work undertaken by IPBES. Find all about how these projects fed the IPBES IAS Assessment.

Coronaviruses in the Wild – a One Health perspective

We are very happy to share our latest video! Two BiodivHealth projects, BIODIV-AFREID and BioRodDis, have delved into the intricate interplay between wild animals, coronaviruses and human health. We have worked together with the projects to integrate their findings in a captivating new video and highlighted the importance of One Health to safeguard global health.

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Other updates on Biodiversa+ communication
  • On 29 September, we have held an online training on social media as part of our Capacity Building Cycle for BiodivProtect projects. Participants learned about various social media platforms and how to use them for communicating on and disseminating their research, as well as tips on creating engaging content for their audiences and managing their time and information overload on these platforms. You can access the slides of this training here.
  • As was mentioned during the General Assembly, we are trying to set-up a network of communication teams from your various institutions. If you have not yet done so, please fill in this form so that we can reach out to your colleagues to officially launch the network soon.
Stakeholder engagement
Launch of the Biodiversa+ Biome

At the beginning of this Summer, Biodiversa+ launched its Biome – an open-ended group of active organisations, initiatives and individuals interested in Biodiversa+ purposes and work, that aim to share their interests, experiences and ideas with others. Joining the Biome is a light and easy way to enter the vibrant community around the European Biodiversity Partnership, get the latest developments, key outcomes and products, get invited to Biodiversa+ events and collaborative relevant workshops, and hear news from other members of the Biome.


By joining the Biome, members get regular information on the Biodiversa+’s latest developments, they receive opportunities to interact more closely in various activities, and they participate in stimulating dialogues between members of the Biome.


The first Biome mailing will be out in October 2023. You can share the registration link with your own networks!

Strengthening Biodiversa+ stakeholder engagement:

This Summer we finalised the Internal Toolkit on Stakeholder Engagement, which aims to support the engagement of external stakeholders in a more systematic way as well as make sure to track and record their participation in your activities. This toolkit has several objectives:

  • Detailing what we consider as a stakeholder as Biodiversa+
  • Explaining the avenues for engagement in Biodiversa+ (ESB, AB, Key collaborator, Biome) and describing the Boards compositions
  • Sharing about the processes in place to mobilise stakeholders, including
    • Partners’ role when leading an activity that involved stakeholders
    • A checklist to follow and ease at best the internal collaboration
    • Support tools and a template to track stakeholder mobilisation to reach a systematic track of stakeholder mobilisation by WP7

In parallel of the release of the Internal Toolkit on Stakeholder Engagement, a short training session is open to all Biodiversa+ partners on 25 October at 10:00 am CEST, during which we will present the stakeholder engagement processes in Biodiversa+, how to use the toolkit and related tools developed, and you will be free to ask any questions you would like. This session will be recorded and available in case you won’t be available, or free to access for any new person that will be onboarded in the future.


Save the date and add the meeting to your calendar!

Capacity Building on Policy

In terms of capacity building, the WP7 is working on the update of the Guide on Policy Relevance of Research to be published in December 2023. The first draft update will be shared during an online capacity-building session on policy for BiodivProtect projects on 10 October.


Finally, by December 2023, WP7 in task 7.2 will also lead the work on the update of the Science-Policy Interface strategy with the working group of interested partners.

AB and ESB involvement

The fourth Advisory board meeting will be on 8-9 November 2023 in Paris.


It has been decided, in accordance with AB members and Chairs, that the upcoming third Enlarged Stakeholder Board will be held back-to-back with the fifth Advisory Board on 2-5 April 2024.


Should you have key topics that you wish to be discussed within one or both boards, please contact your WP lead so that we can add related sessions to the agenda.

Icon WP7
Biodiversa+ co-organised the Alternet Summer School

In early September, for the second year in a row, Biodiversa+ actively co organised the 2023 Alternet Summer School as part of our key collaboration with them, through a global co-fund, the support of young scientists from Biodiversa+ funded projects to attend, and the participation as students and speakers of team members of Biodiversa+. This year’s theme was “Biodiversity and Society: science, policy and transformative change”.

Coordination & management
General Assembly follow-up
  • Following the General Assembly in Tbilisi, Georgia, you can access the slides and the supporting documents through this link. The minutes of the GA will be shared shortly, our apologies for this delay.
  • The GA also marked the last days of Claire Bléry as Executive Director of Biodiversa+. We wish her all the best in her new position. We are vey happy to announce that the recruitment process to replace her is well on its way and that you’ll be informed when a new Executive Director is found.
  • On 1 November 2023, Hilde Eggermont is starting her new position as Director of INBO and thus leaving her role of Biodiversa+ Chair. Apply as Biodiversa+ Chair by 10 November. Remember that this position is nominative and that the new Chair will be elected for a full mandate of 3.5 years. You’ll have to indicate the time you can dedicate to the position of Chair, resources to be invested (in-kind) and the expertise that you’ll bring. For more details on the mandate of the Chair, please refer to Document #9 of the General Assembly.
  • Apply as a General Assembly representative in the Executive Board by 10 November. Please note that GA representatives in the EB should be members of organisations that are not yet represented through the Work Package Leaders and co-Leaders or Coordination Team members. The mandate of the new GA representatives in the EB are nominative and will last until 31 March 2025.
Important meetings coming up
  • 29 November from 2:00 to 4:00 pm CET | Online General Assembly to elect the new Chair (through a formal vote)
  • 30 November from 10 to 11pm CET | Discussion session with Biodiversa+ partners about the strategy to analyse the impact of Biodiversa+ calls. save the date in your calendar
  • 19 December 2023 from 9:30 to 12:00 CET | Discussion session with Biodiversa+ partners to review the proposal on adjustment of flagship programmes and to review the proposals made for future call topics & merge topics, as needed
  • 14 February 2024 from 9:00 to 12:00 CET | Online General Assembly to agree on
    • the adjustments to be made to flagship programmes & the need (or not) to launch new flagship programmes;
    • the priority groups & topic of the 5th joint call (to be launched in September 2025) (though a formal vote for)
Updates on the Operational Team

We are happy to announce that recruitments to reinforce the Operational Team are well on their way!

  • WP1: two new recruits have been found at ANR who will work for Biodiversa+ joint calls
  • WP2: a new position has been opened at Syke. Please feel free to circulate the vacancy widely
  • WP4: a possible candidate was found at BelSPO to join the team as science-policy officer. Negotiations are ongoing.
  • WP6: a possible candidate was found at BelSPO to join the team as communication officer. Negotiations are ongoing.
  • Admin and financial officer: the vacancy should be opened shortly at BelSPO

Sophie Germann (ANR) and Frédéric Lemaître (FRB) have now formally started their new roles as Operational Manager for Research & Monitoring, and Operational Manager for Society & Policy impact respectively. They will gradually move into these new roles as the new recruits from the Operational Team come on board.

WP9 icon
Administrative and financial information

The first interim report of Biodiversa+ is being finalised by the OT and CT, with the support of WP (co)leads. The reporting period spans M1 (Oct 2021) to M20 (May 2023). This report will be submitted to the European Commission by the end of the month at the very latest.

Other programmes
BiodivClim COFUND action updates
  • The ECCA conference – European climate Change adaptation conference – took place in Dublin from the 19 to 21 June 2023. The Knowledge Hub on “Potential of Nature-based solutions for mitigation and adapting to climate change” set-up under the BiodivClim COFUND Action was represented thanks to the participation of Rita Sousa-Silva and Filipa Grilo, the co-chairs of the Technical and SSI/SPI task-force of the Knowledge Hub. They moderated several sessions on Biodiversity and Climate change and presented the knowledge Hub to the public, its missions and their progress so far. Relive the ECCA conference here.
  • The Knowledge Hub was also selected during this summer to take part to the World Biodiversity Forum in 2024 for panel a session by the task forces on the topic “What barriers are currently preventing the implementation of Nature-based Solutions (NbS) as a win-win solution for biodiversity and Human well-being?”. More information about the Knowledge Hub’s participation will be shared in the coming months.
BiodivScen COFUND Action updates