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In February 2023, Biodiversa+ and Alternet officially became key collaborators. The two initiatives have joined forces to strengthen the European science-policy-society interface and to foster capacity building for researchers from the biodiversity field.


Alternet brings together natural and social science researchers from 21 European countries. The member institutes share the goal to integrate our understanding of biodiversity, ecosystems, and the services they provide to society and to create a platform for meaningful communication with policy-makers and the public. Alternet enables collaboration and integration among its network of partner institutes. Alternet partners bring together expertise from both the natural and social sciences, and support platforms for high-impact interactions with policymakers, the scientific community and the public.


Specifically, Biodiversa+ and Alternet collaborate on the development and organisation of the Alternet Summer Schools in Peyresq, France. Biodiversa+ supports the summer schools by financially providing for the general costs and supporting the participation of early career researchers from Biodiversa+ projects, and by co-building the content and identification of speakers.


As key collaborators, Biodiversa+ and Alternet will also support the provision and/or promotion of respective training and guides for capacity building related to transdisciplinary research and innovation and science-society-policy interfacing. They also support the mobilisation of the scientific community on these topics in respective activities.


Biodiversa+ and Alternet teams are closely working together to implement this key collaboration.