The engagement of stakeholders in Biodiversa+’s activities is centralised around the Enlarged Stakeholder Board. It brings together a diversity of stakeholder organisations in the field of biodiversity, ecosystem services and Nature-Based Solutions research and innovation, and is directly mobilised in the design and implementation of Biodiversa+ activities. Our Enlarged Stakeholder Board reinforces their relevance and added value for policy and practice, and promotes the uptake of Biodiversa+ outputs.

The mandate of members is 3,5 years, the current mandate lasting until September 2025. The nomination is to organisations, which have all committed to support the objectives of Biodiversa+ and of the European Biodiversity Strategy for 2030, by building bridges between science, policy, business and civil society.

The Enlarged Stakeholder Board is also represented in the Advisory Board:

The current Enlarged Stakeholder Board is chaired by Claire Brown (UNEP-WCMC) and its 50 members are divided into 6 colleges:

Boundary organisations (science/policy)
Economic and industrial activities

(including representatives from private companies and industries from the main economic sectors concerned by biodiversity issues)

European policymakers or advisors

Including European Commission representatives from different DGs (DG R&I and DG ENV will be included), members of the European Parliament, etc.

Relations with the Public

Including organisations dealing with citizen science, science, media, popularisation for the general public, etc.