Discover the BiodivERsA policy brief on small-scale fisheries and co-management schemes

This policy brief on “Small-scale fisheries and co-management schemes” demonstrates that co-management options and strong governance (such as granting exclusive rights for fishing) benefit both the performance of the small-scale fisheries themselves, but also contribute to their social and environmental sustainability.

This policy brief offers recommendations with regards to the management of protected areas and regulated fishing zones to ensure better resilience of commercial and non-commercial fish species and improved biodiversity conservation. Finally, it also highlights the funding instruments and policies that are currently relevant in that context.

This policy brief buils on the outputs of 4 research projects: BUFFER (funded under the BiodivERsA 2011-2012 Joint Call), PERCEBES and RESERVEBENEFIT (funded under the BiodivERsA 2015-2016 Joint Call) and REEF_FUTURES (funded under the Joint BiodivERsA and Belmont Forum 2017-2018 Call).