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Joint BiodivERsA Call on
Biodiversity and its influence on animal, human and plant health

In October 2018, BiodivERsA launched a joint call on “Biodiversity and its influence on animal, human and plant health”, with the aim to support research projects at the nexus of biodiversity and health issues.

Supported by 16 national/regional funding organisations from 11 countries, this call included two actions, supporting two different types of research projects:

  • Action A aimed at supporting collaborative research projects, gathering different research teams generating new knowledge in particular based on the production of new primary data ;
  • Action B aimed at supporting research synthesis projects, gathering individuals forming a working group which perform research and answer research questions using existing data sets

In total, 49 proposals were received and evaluated by an independent Evaluation Committee who ranked the projects.
According to this ranking, 10 top research projects have been shortlisted and proposed for funding for a total funding amount of over 11.8M€:

  • 9 for Action A and,
  • 1 for Action B

The 10 shortlisted projects are academically excellent projects, mobilising a wide range of disciplines, engaging many relevant stakeholders, and addressing various pressing scientific and societal issues.

Funded projects
Under Action A - Classic collaborative research projects
  • ANTIVERSA– Biodiversity as an ecological barrier for the spread of clinically relevant antibiotic resistance in the environment. Participating countries: DE (Coordinator), AT, CH, FR, IE, PL, RO.
  • BIODIV-AFREID– Biodiversity changes in African forests and Emerging Infectious Diseases: should we worry? Participating countries: BE (Coordinator), CG, CI, DE, FR.
  • BioRodDis– Managing biodiversity in forests and urban green spaces : Dilution and amplification effects on rodent microbiomes and rodent-borne diseases. Participating countries: FR (Coordinator), BE, DE, IE, PL.
  • DiMoC– Diversity Components in Mosquito-borne Diseases in Face of Climate Change. Participating countries: DE (Coordinator), BE, FR, MX.
  • Dr. FOREST – Diversity of FORESTs affecting human health and well-being. Participating countries: DE (Coordinator), AT, BE, FR, PL.
  • METRODIVER– From the Microbiome to the Ecosystem: Unraveling the Effects of Marine Protected Areas on Ecosystem Services through the Lens of Trophic Diversity. Participating countries: FR (Coordinator), BE, IE.
  • NutriB2– Nutrition as critical link between Biodiversity and Bee health. Participating countries: DE (Coordinator), AT, BE, FR, PL, UK, USA.
  • SuppressSoil – Soil biodiversity and suppressiveness of soil against plant diseases and insect pests. Participating countries: FR (Coordinator), CH, DE.
  • VOODOO– Viral ecO-evOlutionary Dynamics of wild and domestic pOllinatOrs under global change. Participating countries: FR (Coordinator), CH, DE, PL.
Under Action B - Synthesis research projects
  • FunProd – Relationships between functional diversity and food production and quality under ecological intensification. Participating countries: DE (Coordinator), FR, HU, IE, NL, PL, SK.
Evaluation Committee
Chair and Vice Chair of the Committee
  •  Richard Kock
  • Vice-Chair of the Committee: Simon Gardner
Other members of the committee

Scientific experts

  • Eric Allan
  • Dominik Bergerow
  • Sarah Bell
  • Don Cowan
  • Clare Heaviside
  • Michael Jeger
  • Thomas Hefin Jones
  • Felicia Keesing
  • Gabor Lovei
  • Kris Murray
  • Olivier Sparagano
  • Thierry Work

Policy/management experts

  • Peter Bridgewater
  • Melanie Josefsson
  • Andreas Kruess
  • Daniel Reynders
  • Katia Hueso
Funding Organisations

15 funding organisations from 11 countries participated in this call.

Call Secretariat for ACTION A: Sophie Germann:
Call Secretariat for ACTION B : Claire Blery: / Turgut Orman:

Countries Funding organisations Names E-mail Phone
Austria FWF Iris Fortmann +43/1-505 67 40-8211
Belgium FWO Toon Monbaliu
Alain Deleener/td> +32 (0)2 550 15 70
Belgium BELSPO Aline van der Werf +32 2 23 83 671
Belgium F.R.S.-FNRS Joël Groeneveld +32 2 504 9270
Bulgaria BNSF Milena ALEKSANDROVA +359 884 171 363
Estonia ETAg Aare Ignat 3727317364
France ANR Sophie GERMANN
Maurice HERAL
+33 1 80 48 83 56
France GUA-REG Vanessa WECK +590 60 46 68
Germany DFG Gaby Rerig +49 30 310078-5896
Germany VDI/VDE-IT Rainer Schliep +49 30 310078-5896
Ireland Irish EPA Alice WEMAERE +353 1 268 0146
Lithuania RCL Viktoras Mongirdas +37 067 619 613
Poland NCN Anna Wiktor
Joanna Komperda
+48 12 3419166
+48 12 3419138
Luciana BRATU
+40744 45 00 11
Slovakia SAS Zuzana PANISOVA
+421 2 5751 0245
Switzerland SNSF Stéphanie Wyss
Claudia Ellenrieder
Madlen Korneli
+41 31 308 22 68
+41 31 308 22 73
+41 31 308 24 47

Notification for German applicants DLR-PT was replaced by VDI/VDE-IT.

The BiodivERsA project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 642420.