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The BiodivERsA pan-European call for international research projects on “Biodiversity: linking scientific advancement to policy and practice” addressed the three following themes (across all ecosystems and organisms):

  • a) Global change and biodiversity dynamics
  • b) Ecosystem functioning
  • c) Ecosystem services

12 projects were selected for €14.2M funding among 8 countries.

Funded projects
  • BeFoFu – European Beech Forests for the Future Ecological, economical, and policy analysis of beech forest conservation under the Natura 2000 Network. Participating countries: DE (coordinator: Georg Winkel), UK, FR, NL, AT
  • BioMarks – Biodiversity of Marine Eukaryotes. Participating countries: FR (coordinator: Colomban de Vargas), UK, ES, NO
  • Climigrate – Integrating Ancient DNA and Ecological Modelling to Quantify the Impact of Climate Change on Biodiversity. Participating countries: UK (coordinator: Ian Barnes), SE, NO
  • CLIMIT – CLimate change impacts on Insects and their MITigation. Participating countries: DE (coordinator: Josef Settele), UK, FR, SE
  • CoForChange – How, why and where will tree species survive increasing pressure: providing diagnosis and decision-making criteria to attenuate the effect of global change on biodiversity in the Congo basin forests. Participating countries: FR (coordinator: Sylvie Gourlet-Fleury), UK
  • Ecocycles – Interacting impacts of land use and climate changes on ecosystem processes: from cyclic herbivores to predators of conservation concern. Participating countries: UK(coordinator: Xavier Lambin), FR, ES, NO
  • FIREMAN – Fire management to maintain biodiversity and mitigate economic loss. Participating countries: UK (coordinator: Richard Bradshaw) , FR, ES, SE
  • LinkTree – Linking genetic variability with ecological responses to environmental changes: forest trees as model systems. Participating countries: ES (coordinator: Santiago Gonzalez-Martinez), FR, DE, SE
  • PEATBOG – Pollution, Precipitation and Temperature Impacts on Peatland Biodiversity and Biogeochemistry. Participating countries: UK (coordinator: Nancy B. Dise), DE, SE, NL
  • RACE – Risk Assessment of Chytridiomycosis to European amphibian biodiversity. Participating countries: UK (coordinator: Matthew Fisher), FR, DE, ES
  • TenLamas – The value of Ecological Networks and different LAndscape Management ApproacheS. Participating countries: FR (coordinator: Michel Baguette), UK,DE
  • VITAL – Ecosystem service provision from coupled plant and microbial functional diversity in managed grasslands. Participating countries: FR (coordinator: Sandra Lavorel), UK, DE, ES, AT
Evaluation Committee
Chair and Vice Chair of the Committee
  • Chair of the Committee: Peter Bridgewater
Scientific experts
  • Jacques Blondel
  • Jean Boncoeur
  • Christian Brochmann
  • Jean-Pierre Feral
  • Helena Freitas
  • Roy Haines-Young
  • Rosemary S. Hails
  • Lars-Anders Hansson
  • Mikko Mönkkönen
  • Ivan Nijs
  • Ian P.F. Owens
  • Tomaso Paternello
  • Bernt-Erik Saeter
  • Susanne Stoll-Kleemann
  • Hans Van Dyck
  • Zoltan Wilhelm
Policy relevance experts
  • Peter Bridgewater
  • Aline Cattan
  • Peter Costigan
  • Emilio Fernandez
  • Emanuel Goncalves
  • Else Marie Lobersli
  • Mark Marissink
  • Jieles Van Baalen
Countries involved

12 countries have been involved in this call.

The countries and agencies that initially participated in this call are Austria (FWF), Estonia (EstSF), France (ANR and MEDAD), Germany (PT-DLR), Hungary (MEW), Italy (MUR), The Netherlands (NWO), Norway (RCN), Portugal (FCT), Spain (MEC), Sweden (FORMAS and SEPA), United Kingdom (DEFRA and NERC).

The actual funding is approximatively 14,200,000 € paid as follows:


Partner organisation

Amount of funding



0.4 M€



4 M€



1.4 M€



2.1 M€

The Netherlands


0.5 M€



0.3 M€



0.8 M€



1.6 M€



Together with FORMAS

United Kingdom


3 M€

United Kingdom


Together with NERC