A BiodivERsA policy brief based on the results from the EC21C, FarmLand, ECODEAL, APPEAL, SmallFOREST and CONNECT projects

The brief on “Green infrastructure within agricultural landscapes strengthens the supply of ecosystem services” presents how the results from the EC21CFarmLandECODEALAPPEALSmallFOREST and CONNECT projects. It provides evidence that increasing landscape diversity through green infrastructure (GI) can improve the supply of ecosystem services, looking at biocontrol and pollination, and that current EU and national agricultural policies fail to effectively support GI implementation in Member States. It further provides pathways for improving landscape heterogeneity and developing EU, national and local policies that support the development of GI and the uptake of such measures by farmers. These findings and recommendations are complementary to those presented in the brief titled The Common Agricultural Policy can strengthen biodiversity and ecosystem services by diversifying agricultural landscapes”.