A BiodivERsA policy brief based on the Ecocycles project results

The “Conservation of small mammals and associated ecosystems” policy brief is focusing on the importance of European policies (for example, the Common Agricultural Policy, the EU Strategy on Climate Adaptation) and actions in the context of the conservation of small mammals and other species which depend on them in the ecosystems. It derives from the ECOCYCLES project (see project page here) lead by Dr. Xavier Lambin, that recorded changes in population abundance (cyclic population fluctuations) of some rodents which are important food for predators across Europe with direct impacts on the ecosystems they live in. Research results suggest that a common global environmental driver could be responsible for simultaneous flattening of such “population cycles” in different parts of Europe. . Recommended measures could contribute to improving the situation and reach the targets of the EU Biodiversity Strategy to 2020 and further research is also advised.