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Pan-European call for research proposals on
invasive species and biological invasions

The European partners in the BiodivERsA network have joined efforts to organize and fund a pan-European call for international research projects on invasive species and biological invasions.

The call addressed the following themes, across all ecosystems and organisms:

  • T1: Demonstrating and characterising the impacts of biological invaders
  • T2: Understanding mechanisms of biological invasions and levers for mitigating and/or reversing the impacts of biological invaders
  • T3: Evaluating the interactions between biological invasions and other global environmental changes
  • T4: Biological invasions and public perceptions
  • T5: Biological invasions and adaptation

9 projects were selected for €8.9 M among 9 countries.

Funded projects
  • DIARS – Detection of invasive plant species and assessment of their impact on ecosystem properties through remote sensing. Participating countries: BE (coordinator: Ben Somers) FR, DE
  • EXOTIC – EXperimentally Orientated genomics to Tackle Insects adaptive Challenges during bio invasions: the ladybird Harmonia axyridis as a model species. Participating countries : FR (coordinator: Benoit Facon) BE, DE
  • FFII – Forecasting Future Invasions and their Impacts. Participating countries : SE(coordinator: David Wardle) FR, DE
  • GC-INVAMOFECT – Global change and invasive mosquitoes as infectious disease risks in Europe. Participating countries: FR (coordinator: Patrick Marvingui) AU, DE
  • INVAXEN – INVAsive biology of XENopus laevis in Europe: ecology, impact and predictive models. Participating countries : FR (coordinator: Anthony Herrel) BE, DE, PT
  • PROBIS – Heterogeneity of patterns and processes along biological invasion successions. Participating countries : FR (coordinator: Jean Clobert; Simon Blanchet; Julien Cote) DE, SE, TK
  • RESIPATH – Responses of European Forests and Society to Invasive Pathogens. Participating countries: SE (coordinator: Jan Stenlid) AU, BE, BG, DE, FR, NO, PT, SE, TK
  • SalmoInvade – Causes and consequences of invasions of aquatic ecosystems by nonnative salmonids. Participating countries: SE (coordinator: Jörgen Johnsson) FR, DE, NO
  • WhoIsNext – Climate change and escaping ornamentals: Predicting the next generation of European plant invaders. Participating countries: DE (coordinator: Mark van Kleunen) AU, FR
Evaluation Committee
Composition of the Scientific Evaluation sub-committee
  • Chair of the Committee: Montserrat Vilà
Other members of the committee
  • Danas Baniulis
  • Thomas Boivin
  • Loïc Bollache
  • Martina Carrete
  • Gerlinde de Deyn
  • Stéphane Dupas
  • Hugh Evans
  • Markus Fischer
  • Emili García-Berthou
  • Mark Hoddle
  • Jolyon Medlock
  • Erlend Moksness
  • Andrea Nightingale
  • Gregory Ruiz
  • Inga Kjersti sjotun
  • Brita Stedje
  • Ayfer Tan
  • Steven J. Weiss
  • Christian Wirth
Composition of the Policy Evaluation sub-committee
  • Chair of the Committee: Simon Gardner
Other members of the committee
  • Janina Barsiene
  • Erwin Beck
  • Laura Capdevilla-Argüelles
  • Elías Dana Sánchez
  • Stig Hammarsten
  • Claire Hubert
  • Melanie Josefsson
  • Andreas Kruess
  • Levonas Manusadzianas
  • Virginie Maris
  • Niall Moore
  • Taina Pennanen
  • Jan Plesnik
  • Manfred Pöckl
  • Philip Roche
  • Helen Roy
  • Alban Thomas
  • Hans Van Gossum
  • Esten Ødegaard
Countries involved

10 countries participated in this call on “Invasive species and biological invasions”

The countries and agency that participated in this call are Austria (FWF), Belgium (BelSPO), Bulgaria (BNSF), France (ANR; ONEMA), Germany (DFG), Lithuania (RCL), Norway (RCN), Portugal (FCT), Sweden (Formas) and Turkey (MFAL).

The actual funding is approximatively 8,949,081 euros paid as follows:


Amount of funding

Austria 738,272
Belgium 1,037,194
Bulgaria 120,000
France 2,683,935
Germany 2,419,186
Lithuania No projects selected
Norway 300,000
Portugal 192,894
Sweden 1,390,600
Turkey 67,000