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BiodivERsA call for proposals on
Biodiversity dynamics: developing scenarios, identifying tipping points and improving resilience

The European partners in the BiodivERsA network have joined efforts to organize and fund a pan-European call for international research projects on “Biodiversity dynamics: developing scenarios, identifying tipping points and improving resilience.”

The call addressed the following themes, across all ecosystems and organisms:

  • a) Developing integrated biodiversity scenarios
  • b) Understanding and predicting biodiversity resilience and tipping points 
  • c) Decision support for biodiversity policy and management

9 projects were selected for €8.8 M funding among 8 different countries.

Funded projects
  • BUFFER: Partially protected areas as buffers to increase the linked social-ecological resilience in coastal ecosystems. Participating countries: FR (coordinator: Joachim Claudet), NO, PT, SE
  • CoForTips: Congo basin forests: tipping points for biodiversity conservation and resilience of forested social and ecological systems. Participating countries: FR (coordinator: Claude Garcia), AT, BE
  • EC21C: European Conservation for the 21st Century. Participating countries: PT (coordinator: Regan Early), FR, DE, SE
  • FISHCON: Biodiversity scenarios for fragmented landscapes; freshwater connectivity 
and the future of fish diversity. Participating countries: NO (coordinator: Anders Finstad), DE, SE
  • LIMNOTIP: Biodiversity dynamics and tipping points in our future freshwater ecosystems. Participating countries: SE (coordinator: Lars-Anders Hansson), NO, AT, DE
  • REGARDS: Resilience of marginal grasslands and biodiversity management decision support.Participating countries: FR (coordinator: Sandra Lavorel), DE, AT, BE, NO
  • SIGNAL: European gradients of resilience in the face of climate extremes.Participating countries: DE (coordinator: Anke Jentsch), BE, BG, FR
  • TIPPINGPOND: Tipping points, biodiversity, resilience and ecosystem services: Ponds as model systems. Participating countries: BE (coordinator: Luc De Meester), DE, FR, SE
  • TipTree: Scenarios for forest biodiversity dynamics under global change in Europe: Identifying micro-evolutionary scale tipping points. Participating countries: FR (coordinator: Sylvie Oddou-Muratorio), DE, SE
Evaluation Committee
Composition of the Scientific Evaluation sub-committee
  • Chair of the Committee: Jari Niemelä
Other members of the committee
  • Kestutis Arbaciauskas
  • Diego Azqueta
  • Reinette Biggs
  • Thomas Bolger
  • Eva Cellarova
  • Sara Cousins
  • Provilas Duchovskis
  • Boyko Georgiev
  • Jonathan Jeschke
  • Bjørn Kaltenborn
  • Christine A. Maggs
  • Stuart J. Marsden
  • Atte Jaakko Moilanen
  • Florence Renou-Wilson
  • Jan Roelofs
  • Valenti Rull
  • Eyfer Tan
  • Mark Whittingham
Composition of the Scientific Evaluation sub-committee
  • Chair of the Committee: Simon Gardner
Other members of the committee
  • Peter Bergman
  • Nicolas Dendoncker
  • Katia Hueso
  • Else Løbersli
  • Levonas Manusadzianas
  • Bulent Miran
  • Jan Plesnik
  • Mari Walls
  • Alexey Voinov
  • Konstantin von Teuffel
Countries involved

10 countries have been involved in this call

The countries and agency that participated in this call are Austria (FWF), Belgium (BelSPO), Bulgaria (BNSF), France (ANR, MEDDE), Germany (PT-DLR), Lithuania (RCL), Norway (RCN), Portugal (FCT), Sweden (Formas), Turkey (MFAL).

The actual funding is approximatively 8,835,000 euros paid as follows:


Amount of funding

Austria 764,000
Belgium 860,000
Bulgaria 45,000
France 2,089,000
Germany 2,195,272
Norway 538,000
Portugal 200,000
Sweden 2,143,260