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BiodivERsA call for proposals on
biodiversity and ecosystem services and their valuation

The European partners in the BiodivERsA network have joined efforts to organize and fund a Pan-European call for international research projects on biodiversity and ecosystem services and their valuation.

The call addressed the following themes, across all ecosystems and organisms:

  • a) Relationships between biodiversity and ecosystem services;
  • b) Valuation of biodiversity and ecosystem services (monetary and non monetary), and better incorporation of biodiversity and ecosystem services into society and policy.

7 projects were selected for €9.6M funding among 7 countries.

Funded projects
  • APPEAL – Assessment and valuation of Pest suppression potential through biological control in European Agricultural Landscapes. Participating countries: SE (coordinator: Mattias Jonsson), DE, AT
  • CONNECT – Linking biodiversity conservation and ecosystem services: advancing insights in tradeoffs and synergies between biodiversity, ecosystem functionning and ecosystem service values for improved integrated biodiversity strategy. Participating countries: NL(coordinator: Peter Verburg), FR, DE, SE, ES
  • FarmLand – European Network on Farmland heterogeneity, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services. Participating countries: FR (coordinator: Jean-Louis Martin), ES, DE, UK, CA
  • INVALUABLE – Integrating Valuations, Markets and Policies for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services. Participating countries: FR (coordinator: Romain Pirard), NL, ES, DE, NL
  • SmallFOREST – Biodiversity and ecosystem services of small forest fragments in European landscapes. Participating countries: FR (coordinator: Guillaume Decocq), DE, ES, SE, ES, BE
  • SCIN – Soil Crust InterNational (SCIN) – Understanding and valuing biological soil protection of disturbed and open land surfaces. Participating countries: DE (coordinator: Burkhard Büdel), ES, AT, SE
  • URBES – Urban Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services. Participating countries: SE(coordinator: Thomas Elmquist), ES, NL, DE, AT, FI
Evaluation Committee

The evaluation of the research proposals was completed in two steps. On March the 4th, the members of the Evaluation Committee (EC) met to organise the analysis of the 53 proposals submitted. Each proposal was evaluated by external reviewers in March – April. Then, on May 2nd and 3rd, the committee met again to complete the evaluation analysis and produce the fnal ranking.
The EC members were divided between a scientific sub-committee and a policy relevance sub-committee respectively led by Kaisa Kononen (chair of the EC) and Peter Bridgewater (vice-chair of the EC). Their evaluation followed specific guidelines and criteria established for each sub-committee. The final ranking of the proposals was in compliance with a scoring grid initially defined.

Scientific evaluation sub-committee
  • Chair of the Committee (and Chair of the Evaluation Committee): KONONEN Kaisa
Other members of the committee
  • ALGIRDAS Augustaitis
  • BRADSHAW Richard
  • CASAMAYOR Emilio Ortega
  • CRAMER Wolfgang
  • GROS Philippe
  • KALBITZ karsten
  • LAMBIN Xavier
  • MACE Georgina
  • MORALES Beatriz
  • PAULSEN Sandra
  • PHAM Jean-Louis
  • SYLVAIN jean-François
  • WEBER Jacques
Policy relevance evaluation sub-committee
  • Chair of the Committee (and Chair of the Evaluation Committee): BRIDGEWATER Peter
Other members of the committee
  • BECK Erwin
  • BEJA Pedro
  • GAUTHIEZ François
  • KORN Horst
  • MANRIQUE Esteban
  • VAN OPSTAL Sander
  • VON TEUFFEL Konstantin
Countries involved

8 countries have been involved in this call.

The countries and agencies that initially participated in this call are Austria (FWF), Estonia (ETF), France (ANR and MEEDDM), Germany (PT-DLR/BMBF and DFG), Lithuania (RCL), The Netherlands (NWO), Spain (MICINN), and Sweden (FORMAS and SEPA).

The actual funding is approximatively 9,622,000€ paid as follows:


Amount of funding

Austria 848,000
Belgium 168,000
Estonia 56,000
France 2,355,000
Germany 2,477,000
Spain 756,000
Sweden 2,359,500
The Netherlands 602,000